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PhotoLibrary and PhotoLibrary Lite Comparison


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PhotoLibrary Lite

Easy to use

Only a few minutes are needed to learn this program and begin organizing your photos.

AutoNumberingAutomatic numbering provides a unique identifier for each photo entered into the database.
Both Numeric and AlphaNumeric numbering is supported. There are twelve different means of auto-generating the PhotoID based upon category, subjects, location, and more!
Yes Yes
Automatic caption creation allows you to add your name, copyright symbol, location, date, and any other information you want to include in the caption and print onto photo labels. Yes Yes
Fully customizable Organization of the database is fully customizable, so that you can create categories, subjects, and locations that are meaningful to you.YesYes
Digital Image Tracking
Keeps tracks of the filename and location of digital images. A thumbnail preview of digital image files allows you to visually find the photo you are looking for (displays 37 image formats including PhotoShop, JPG,TIF, and BMP).YesYes
Unlimited Number of Photos Keep track of virtually an unlimited number of photos. (The actual limit is about a 1 gigabyte database file size or about one million photos.)YesYes
Context Sensitive Help
Help is readily available for individual screens by pressing F1 and for all buttons, data fields, and icons by moving the cursor over the item.YesYes
Label Printing
1 3/4" x 1/2"
1 7/8" x 7/16"
46mm x 11.11mm
43.18mm x 8.47mm
Importing Digital Images
The Import Data features will read data in a tab delimited text file and instantly add your existing photo data to PhotoLibrary.Yes Yes
Importing Photo Data From Text Files
The Import Data features will read data in a tab delimited text file and instantly add your existing photo data to PhotoLibrary.YesYes
Basic Find Features
PhotoLibrary also allows you to view lists of photos based on your categorization scheme, allowing you to find all the photos of specified subject matter, or those taken at a specific location, or even where you store the photo. Additional search functions allow you to search for keywords in the caption, comments, and filename fields.YesYes
Advanced Find Features
Need to find only your photos of Oregon landscapes taken in the last three years, or only images of sunsets that have your spouse and kids in them? The Advanced Find feature in PhotoLibrary makes it easy.YesNo
Web Pages
Create web pages that you can upload to your web site or copy to a CD/DVD. The web pages will allow visitors to your site or photo buyers to browse your photos by location or subject, or see a slide show. YesNo
Resize Images
PhotoLibrary can resize images in any directory. PhotoLibrary will convert any supported image format to a .jpg image maintaining the aspect ratio of the original image. Use this feature for creating thumbnails or smaller versions for e-mailing images. YesNo
Photo Albums
A Photo Album is simply a set of photos that you want to keep together. For example, you can have an album named My Favorites that has all your best photos. Create lists of photos you upload to micro-photo stock agencies. There is no limit to the number of albums you can create. Yes No
Sales Data Tracking
PhotoLibrary will also keep track of the sales you make on your own or thru photo stock agencies. You can then generate several graphs and reports summarizing your sales data.YesNo
Print Search Results
You can print your search results to a printer or to a text file for editing. The fields that you print and the order you print the in is completely configurable. Yes No
View Thumbnails of Search Results
Search results can be displayed showing the captions or as thumbnails instead. YesNo
Slide Shows View all the digital files in any directory or see a slide show of search results Yes No