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Powered By eBird 

Whether you are a beginner, amateur, advanced or expert birder, or just enjoy bird watching in your back yard, RareBirder is an app for you. (If your an advanced or expert birder, check out North American Rarities​.)

RareBirder allows you to:      

• Get rare bird alerts for rare birds recently seen in your neighborhood or ​anywhere in the world
• View a map showing where these rare birds have been observed

• Get directions to rare birds
• View eBird checklists of rare bird observations
• Quickly grow your Life List
• Plan birding trips
• Photograph rare birds
• Have a “Big Year”
• Go Twitching


​​PCs, laptops, an​d tablets​​
Windows 8.1 ​and 10​

​​Windows Phone​

​​Android Phones

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Click to get a free trial.
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Powered By eBird - the world's largest database of bird observations.

All over the globe, tens of thousands of birders acting as citizen scientists submit millions of bird observations every month to Cornell University’s eBird database. These observations are then reviewed by local birding experts for accuracy to ensure the validity of each sighting. RareBirder is powered by this database to give you an accurate and comprehensive listing of recent rare or unusual bird sightings for anywhere in the world where eBirders have submitted observations.

You don't have to join or use eBird to use RareBirder, but consider joining - it's free! 


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