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"Keeping Track of Your Photos"

A simple to use, yet powerful, photo management and slide labeling software program that helps you organize and keep track of your photographs. Whether you have prints, slides, or digital images stored in photo albums, slide carousels, or on your hard drive, PhotoLibrary will help you find any photo you are looking for.

PhotoLibrary is not just another image viewer that allows you to see digital images in a directory. It is a database program designed to track all your photos - slides, prints, and digital.

PhotoLibrary makes it easy to find any photo because it allows you to enter multiple subjects for each photo as well as the state and the location where the photo was taken and where it is stored. PhotoLibrary's internal database cross-references all this information for you in order to make finding any photo as simple as a mouse click.

For example, the photo above has Birds and Sunsets as subjects. It was taken at Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Using PhotoLibrary's Explorer View, this image will appear if you click on Oregon, or Sunsets, or Birds! And you'll know right where it is stored by looking at the Storage Location fields.

You can also find only photos that have certain subjects. For example, you can find only photos of birds and sunsets. Other advanced search features include finding by date, storage location, state, caption and more.

Label Printing


​PhotoLibrary prints labels to that fit on 35mm slide mounts, on the back of prints, or on a page in a photo album.

You'll also be able to keep track of photos you upload to micro-stock agencies and their sales.

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