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Photo Cropper

Photo Cropper - Windows Phone App 
Available on the Windows Store
Photo Cropper is both a photo utility and an educational tool. Photo Cropper teaches you how to use time honored and proven techniques for cropping your photos. Eight modules teach you about the six different overlays available in Photo Cropper. You will learn how these overlays are constructed and how to use them when cropping a photo.


Overlays include: The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Rectangle, The Golden Triangles, The Golden Spiral, and The Diagonals. Learn how these overlays are constructed, why they are used in cropping images, and how to use them.

After learning about the overlays, you can practice taking photos with the built-in Camera View that displays the different overlays within the live camera. The built-in Camera View also has a level that helps you keep your horizons straight.

After taking a photo, you can then practice cropping your photos with the different overlays and then save them to your phone. Use Zune to sync the photos back to your PC.

By learning these techniques you will not only crop your photos to make them look better, but you will also become a better photographer and take better photos to start with saving time in front of the computer, so that you can get out and take more photos.

You can also pin the App to your Start page to see Live Tile updates of the images you've edited.


Photo Cropper - How to crop photos

Crop or Learn

Photo Cropper - Learn the Golden Ratio

Learn 6 Overlays

Photo Cropper -rule of thirds when cropping image

Crop your images using any Overlay

Photo Cropper - Golden Rectangle use in cropping photos

Learn the difference between this overlay and the Rule of Thirds overlay, how to use it, and why it's the right overlay to use.

Photo Cropper - use the Golden Spiral when cropping images

Take a photo with any overlay to help you compose the photo correctly while keeping the camera level.

Photo Cropper - learn to use the Golden Spiral when cropping photos

Learn how a Golden Sprial is constructed with a single number - the Golden Ratio

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