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Lightroom Adobe Metadata missing keyword explorer Adobe Lightroom® does amazing things with metadata. You can quickly and easily add keywords and find photos with those keywords. You can even find which photos are missing keywords or captions.
However, there are some things you can't do easily - like find all the photos that are missing a copyright notice or title! Important pieces of information if you are uploading photos for stock agencies or your own website. With Lightroom Metadata Explorer you can find these photos and view charts of your data. With Lightroom Metadata Explorer you can also export the metadata to a text file for your own analysis, or for text files for stock agencies.


Lightroom Metadata Explorer is a Windows application (sorry Mac users) that allows you to find which photos are missing information in several key fields. Lightroom Metadata Explorer reads the XMP data stored in the Lightroom database and quickly shows you which photos are missing data for the following fields:

  • Filename
  • Keywords
  • Caption
  • Title
  • Headline
  • File Dimension
  • Location
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Copyright Status
  • Rating

Lightroom Metadata Explorer only reads data from the Lightroom database - it never writes any data to it so you need not worry it making any changes to your database. Due the the enormous number of photos you may have in your database, Lightroom Metadata Explorer displays photos in one Lightroom collection at a time. You can even select different Lightroom databases (i.e., catalogs) to explore.

Lightroom Metadata Explorer shows missing keywords and captions
Lightroom Metadata Explorer in action
Export Your Data

With Lightroom Metadata Explorer you can also export your metadata from Lightroom to a text file and then open the file in another program such as Excel or Word for editing. There are options for the text file format (CSV or XML), which fields to export, export filenames with or with out the filepath, and having all keywords exported into one column or each keywords in it's own column. All useful for creating files for Stock Agency submissions.
 Lightroom Metadata Explorer - export data
LME Export Options
On the Charts tab, Lightroom Metadata Explorer will show you several histograms of various data in your Lightroom database including the number of Photos by:
  • Camera
  • Lens
  • f-stop
  • shutter speed
  • ISO
  • focal length
  • year

Lightroom Metadata Explorer - graph data 

Lightroom Metadata Explorer Photos By Lens Chart


 Lightroom Metadata Explorer - photos by focal length

Lightroom Metadata Explorer Photos By Focal Length Chart

A few notes to remember.

There is a single version of Lightroom Metadata Explorer that works with Lightroom versions 5.x and 6.0.
Please review the list of fields that are exported to verify they meet your needs. Note that you can not export chart data.
When using Lightroom Metadata Explorer, you can have Lightroom running. However, you may experience long delays with Lightroom Metadata Explorer if Lightroom is busy writing to the database. Lightroom Metadata Explorer must wait for Lightroom to finish before it can display data. You may also need to shutdown Lightroom so that it releases the lock on the database so that LME can continue to work. This is a limitation of the database that Lightroom uses.

Also, Lightroom Metadata Explorer will only show keywords, not their synonyms, and does not work with Smart Collections.

System Requirements
32 or 64-bit Windows
Lightroom 5.x or 6.x